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Super Cup Presentation photo

Valletta San Antonio and Flyers win

MVA Super Cups

The Malta Volleyball Association ‘s formal competitions for the new season came into play with the Men’s and Ladies Super Cup.  In the men’s sector, Valletta San Antonio beat Fleur de Lys Office Group 3-1 while Flyers won the Ladies’ sector when they beat Paola Hibs to win their first Super Cup title.


Valletta San Antonio vs Fleur de Lys Office Group: 3-1 (25-27, 26-24, 25-19, 25-21)

Valletta San Antonio returned to winning ways after a relatively disappointing season when they beat Fleur de Lys Office Group’s challenge. The latter strongly felt the absence of Italian player Valerion Savio who was ineligible for this match due to his International Transfer Certificate not being issued in time by his former federation.  This regulation has been enforced by the FIVB (Volleyball’s International leading body) and the MVA could no longer allow players without this certificate to play in its competitions.

Both teams came into the first set strongly and although they maintained a balanced score for a good part of the set, it was Valletta who forged ahead at 24-20.  FDL’s foreign duo however were effective with their respective spikes and services and managed to turn the score around to win the first set 27-25.

The second set continued to be a balanced affair, only this time it was Valletta who turned the tables from a 22-24 scoreline to 26-24.  Valletta’s experienced players were undoubtedly instrumental to get them back into the game.

Valletta continued to grow in confidence whilst FDL lost some of the grit which they showed in the first set so that with good sets and effective spikes, Valletta went on to win the 3rd and 4th sets comfortably and reclaim the Super Cup for 2013.



Flyers vs Paola Hibs: 3-0 (27-25, 25-2, 25-20,)

Flyers brought Paola Hibs’ domination of Ladies Volleyball to an end and won the Super Cup for the first time in the history of their Club.  This was the first major senior competition for them after they had won a number of junior competitions in the past.  Paola Hibs sorely missed the services of Alison Borg, Gertrude Zarb and Daniela Bonnici who had a strong influence on Paola’s team for many a season.

The first set was a balanced affair.  Paola, under the guidance of new Coach Simon Borg, had a flying start whilst Flyers committed many errors in their attacks.  A time-out called by Flyers Coach Charles Gauci helped the players settle and come back to win the first set 27-25.

Flyers completely dominated the second set 25-2; their good services never allowed Paola into the game.  They continued to be the better team in the third set and despite making a number of substitutions remained in control to win the set with a comfortable 5 point advantage.

At the end of both games, The MVA President Brank Vlahovic presented the Super Cup to Valletta San Antonio and Flyers respectively.