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Flyers – Toyota Playvolley 3-0 (25-23,25-19,27-25)

 The first set was a very balanced affair with neither team being able to establish a healthy lead. This meant that both teams battled for every point and it was very tight till the very end of the set until Amanda Agius settled the set with an ace.

 The second set saw Flyers setting up the pace racing to a 6-1 point advantage thanks to good serves from Dorianne Bonnici and Liz Gaerty.  Through to the good use of their services and some good blocks from Belinda Milton and Dorianne Grech, Flyers improved their lead to 11-4. Playvolley were under pressure,  committing a number of errors and Flyers closed the set at 25-19.

 The third set was very similar to the first set  and after building a healthy lead,  Charles Gauci provided game experience to all his players, but Playvolley recovered to tie the score at 23-23 and both teams had the possibilities to close the set. However, at the end, an error in reception from Playvolley closed the game in Flyers favour.

Game Interviews:

Alan Gauci (Coach Playvolley) —

Diandra Caruana (Playvolley) —

Charles Gauci (Coach Flyers) —

Lindsay Cordina (Flyers) —


FDL Office Group vs Paola Hibs 3-0 (25-8, 25-16, 25-10)

Paola started with a very inexperienced youth team with the most experienced player being the libero Delicia Farrugia. The young Paolites were under constant pressure and every set was closed with some error from the Paola players. The more experience FDL players had the game under control through the match and never allowed Paola to develop the offensive tactics. Roxette Caruana returned as setter for Paola after missing some games due to injury. However, due to recurrent knee problems,  she could not complete the game. FDL played without their regular setter Sarah ElGasi and their established middle player Thais Gatt but she managed to control the game with ease and won quite easily.

Game Interviews:

Valerio Savio (FDL Coach) —
Daniela Muscat (FDL) —

 Under 18

Paola Hibs vs Flyers SMS 2-3 (25-20, 25-14, 12-25, 23-25, 13-15)

The game was a very balanced and entertaining affair, which lasted 2 hours and in which Flyers SMS managed to have the better of Paola Hibs after trailing two sets to nil. Flyers showed  determination and patience as they produced a great comeback to win the game 3-2. Paola Hibs had the better start winning the first two sets after controlling the game especially in the second set in which Flyers SMS did not manage to offer much resistance. However, an improved Flyers team managed to turn things around, dominating the third set which proved to be crucial for the rest of the game. The last two sets were a thrilling sequence of rallies which saw both teams fight it out till the very end as Flyers won them both with a two point margin to end up winners of the best game of this category so far this season.

Game Interviews:

Stephen Farrugia Coach Flyers —

Kelly Fenech, Martina Grech Flyers —

Simon Borg Coach Paola —

Nicole Bonello Paola —


Phoenix vs FDL 3-0 (25-16, 25-21, 25-23)

This match saw the very young Phoenix team wrapping up their second consecutive victory this season after the same team beat Paola 3-0 in the u16 category the previous week.  The first set saw Phoenix bring out the best in their defense, going on to build up successive attacks which kept the pressure on FDL. The set finished 25-16 for Phoenix.  The second set was a more balanced affair as FDL managed to contain Phoenix’ attacks and set up an effective response. Phoenix fought back to recover the initiative and through some good recovery and strong services turned the tide to end the set 25-21 in their favour.

The last set was once again very close and saw the lead swinging from one team to the other. Towards the end, FDL  looked like they might snatch the last few points to win the set.  However, Phoenix’ strong team spirit enabled them to get back into the game and tie up the set 25-23, and the match 3-0.

Leonard Zammit Coach Phoenix —

Ivana Kenkowski Phoenix —

Maria Demicoli  Coach FDL —

Michaela Galea FDL —