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In the second game in a best of three play-off, Fleur de Lys Office Group dominated their encounter vs Attard Tenovar to win the National Cup. In the Super League, Yahoos beat Mgarr by the odd set in five in an entertaining match.

FDL Office Group vs Attard Tenovar: 3-0 (25 – 7; 25 -13; 25-15)

In the main game of the weekend played on Saturday, FDL completely dominated their match against Attard. Having already won the first encounter the week before, FDL were entitled to take the Fr. Antony Parnis National Cup home.

Silvan Gauci’s boys are the team showing the best ideas at the moment. With Valerio Savio in inspiring mode, FDL gave Attard no time to get into the 1st set and raced to an 8-2 lead. The 1st time-out only served to motivate them further and they extended their lead to 16-6, going on to wrap up the set 25-7.

Attard’s reception continued to be erratic and with no attacks from their end and with continued offence from FDL, the latter took another 10 – 2 lead in the second set. FDL’s Gaston Camilleri and Louis Reynaud were effectively blocking any attacking attempts from Attard, while Savio’s spikes from both front and back court finding their mark, they went on to win the set 25-13.

The third set was a mere formality and although Attard did initially try to stay in the set, they only managed to do so till 8-6, after which they only managed to take 2 points to FDL’s 8 for a 16-8 scoreline. With a number of changes giving all players in the fold some time on the court, FDL went on to win the set 25-15 to win their second cup this season and stay in line for a triple.