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Male Social League Applications – Updated

UPDATE 09.11.22 – Applications now closed.

UPDATE 07.11.22 – Deadlines have been extended by 48 hours. Applications shall be received until 08.11.22 and payments to be received by 10.11.22.

Original Post

The Malta Volleyball Association (MVA) is now accepting applications from teams interested in taking part in the 2022/2023 senior male social league.

The league will be organised as 3 single-day tournaments, with the points being awarded for wins in each day tournament accumulated to determine the overall winning team for season 2022/2023

The day tournaments are planned to take place on 13.11.22, 15.01.23 and 19.03.23, with participation open to all male players aged 14 and over.

Applications must reach the MVA by 06.11.22. The registration fee for participation in the league (all 3 single day tournaments) is set at €100. Payment details shall be sent to applicants on receipt of applications and payment must reach the MVA by 08.11.22.

Rules & Conditions:

  • The MVA shall issue a full set of fixtures for each tournament once the deadline for registrations has passed.
  • All 3 tournaments shall be played during the weekend, starting either at 10am or 11.30am.
  • The tournament matches shall be played on a best out of 5 sets basis. However, should circumstances require it, specific day tournaments might be switched to a best out of 3 sets format. Should this switch need to happen, it will be communicated to the teams before the start of the tournament and set win rtions will not be taken into account for all the competition. 
  • Each team is must register a minimum of 6 players and can register a maximum of 12.
  • Only male players who are at least 14 years old on the date of the first tournament can participate.
  • Registration forms submitted are final. Changes to player lists shall not be allowed. 
  • For each match, each team can have up to 3 libero players, with only 1 being on court at any point in time.
  • Team uniforms are not required, though it is recommended that each team wear the same colour t-shirts with printed numbers.
  • Match balls will be provided by the MVA. Teams must use their own equipment for warming up. 
  • The net will be set at a height of 2.43m.
  • Teams will be required to assist with scoring and refereeing duties throughout the tournaments. MVA will prepare a roster.
  • Registration will be for all 3 day tournaments. Teams shall not be penalised for not participating in any 1 tournament. However, points won in each tournament shall be counted to determine the overall winner.
  • Trophies shall be awarded to the 3 teams with the top aggregate performance over all the tournaments. 
  • The MVA reserves the right to request proof of age and identity of any registered player for the duration of the competition to ensure rules are being abided to.

Registration Process:

  • Each team must submit a separate registration.
  • To start the registration simply click on the APPLY button below. The details required for registration are the Team name and ontact detail and the name, surname and date of birth of each player.
  • Registrations shall be accepted until 06.11. 
  • ONce a registration is submitted, an acknowledgement e-mail, including paymnt instructions, shall be sent out to the contact e-mail provided in the form.
  • Payments must be made as per instructions and reach the MVA by 08.11.
  • Any registrations for which payment is not received by the deadline shall be considered a void and automatically cancelled.
  • Once payment is received, an e-mail confirmation shall be sent to the team’s e-mail address confirming acceptance to the tournament. 

Should you ave any questions or issues with the application, kindly send an e-mail to the General Secretary of the MVA on [email protected].