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Exciting Developments in the local Scene

In recent months, the local volleyball scene has witnessed significant advancements, highlighted by two key events:

CEV Coaches Convention in Sofia, Bulgaria

A group of coaches and teachers from the local volleyball community actively participated in the fourth edition of the CEV Coaches Convention held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from September 22–24, 2023. This convention served as a platform for valuable insights and knowledge exchange in the field of volleyball coaching.

They had the privilege of hearing from two esteemed speakers: Eric Hodgkin from the USA Volleyball Association and Angiolino Frigoni from the Italian Volleyball Federation.

Coaches and teachers from diverse countries joined forces, forming groups to delve into the world of training young children in volleyball. They tackled the challenges faced in their respective countries and collaborated to craft innovative solutions and tasks that would benefit young, aspiring players.

This immersive exchange of ideas has been nothing short of enlightening, promising a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our club players and schools.

U-18 National Team Training Camp in Serbia

Concurrently, the U-18 national volleyball team embarked on a training camp in Serbia. This initiative aimed to enhance the skills and cohesion of the young talents, providing them with a valuable opportunity to hone their abilities on an international level.

These events collectively signify the commitment of the local volleyball community towards continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, and the holistic development of both players and coaching staff. The players who were chosen participated in a demanding three-day training camp. highlighted by a couple of things. Firstly, they were able to watch some matches in Serbia’s top division. They also got to play some friendly matches against local teams, which provided them with valuable game experience.

To sum up, these colorful events represent the development and dedication of the local volleyball community. A hub for information sharing between coaches and educators, the CEV Coaches Convention in Sofia, Bulgaria, offered advanced training techniques for budding athletes. Simultaneously, the U-18 National Team Training Camp in Serbia refined the abilities of youthful prodigies and promoted global exposure via friendly matches and top-tier competition viewing. When taken as a whole, these programs highlight how committed the local volleyball community is to lifelong learning, player and coaching staff development, and continuous improvement.